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barry Mitchell
barry Mitchell
I'm on my second set of prolotherapy injections to heal the loose ligaments in my back which are causing pain and discomfort. I asked Dr azhak how effective they are and he ensured me they work. Within two days my back had tightened up and wasn't cracking constantly. Every day in the shower I would need to bend and twist to crack my back and now it won't do it so it's definitely working for me. I'm shocked at what treatments are available but the NHS won't fund them and for me it's worth paying for this privately to improve my lifestyle
rose mary
rose mary
Straightforward and very helpful
Thonas Steele
Thonas Steele
I’ve had constant upper body pain, particularly at shoulder/neck and upper back area for over 2 years. I’d resigned myself to taking nuproxen and other medication to help dull the constant daily pain I was suffering. After speaking to a friend , I was informed of the pain management clinic which was based in Southport. My friend and 5 other people he knew had traveled down for stem cell therapy, and each person had life changing results. I was sceptical about this and googled all the information I could gather to help get a better understanding of the process. I eventually booked an appointment, after a consultation, along with a friend who had severe knee pain. The pain relief was instant but I kept thinking it would be temporary. A year down the line and I’m back at gym, as well as doing Pilates classes. I also got the Goldek treatment when suffering slight aches and pains elsewhere, which is part of the ageing process when you get to late 40s🙈.Again this procedure has been unbelievable and taken away any pains and niggles I had. I hope other people can get the same results as myself and my friend. It’s definitely changed my mental as well as my physical well-being after years of needless suffering.
Andy Fairfield
Andy Fairfield
Since receiving treatment from Dr Azhar in February 2023 my fibromyalgia Is much easier to cope with, The pain and stiffness have almost gone and my energy levels are much better I had almost given up on ever finding any relief from fibromyalgia but the GOLDIC treatment administered by Dr Azhar via stem cells has given me a new zest for life both physically and as a consequence, mentally as well. My use of pain medication is very little compared to what I needed at my worst which is a great thing also. I don't have a lot of money due to being unable to work because of fibro but I managed to acquire enough for the treatment with help from family and after some research, I took a leap of faith. The best recommendation I can make is that, given the choice, I would without doubt take that leap of faith again. I have found Dr Azhar a knowledgeable and honest man who genuinely wants the best for his patients. I am forever grateful for the improvement in my standard of life. I don't know if there's a complete cure for fibromyalgia but my personal experience is that the stem cell treatment from Dr Azhar is working really well on a body which was ravaged by fibromyalgia. I wish all well on their journey. .

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