8 Quick Tips for Ankle Pain Treatment

An ankle sprain results from one of the ligaments on the outside of your ankle being stretched or torn. The treatment for ankle pain depends on the severity of the pain. You might experience the following symptoms: pain, swelling, and weakness in the ankle joint, whether you stepped awkwardly on an irregular terrain or twisted it during a soccer or football game.

The time required for a sprained ankle to mend is determined by its severity. Ankle treatments are provided immediately to speed up the healing process. However, you may need to consult with a pain management orthopaedic surgeon. You may generally recover the normal functioning of the ankle with non-invasive ankle pain treatments.

Keep Reading to Find Out the Tips for Ankle Pain Treatment: 

  • Resting

The first line of ankle pain treatment includes resting. Avoid all types of movements following an injury. Your pain management orthopaedic surgeons would only use crutches for support in some cases. In the upcoming days, reduce all activities that need you to bear weight. The length of the resting period depends on the severity of the tear.

  • Ice

In case resting does not help, try ice compression for treatments for ankle pain at home, as it reduces the swelling. Wrap a cold pack or ice wrapped in a towel or sheet and apply it to the affected region for 15 to 20 minutes. Before repeating, wait 20 minutes without ice.

  • Compression

Applying cold packs does not help; the third ankle pain treatment involves compression. Compression therapy has been shown to aid in the healing process. The skilled doctors will wrap your foot from the toes just above the ankle at a point that promotes healing without preventing blood flow. Compression aids in the control of oedema and the addition of stability. The compression also aids in the healing of the ankle by limiting your strength and flexibility slightly.

  • X-rays for Ankle Pain Treatment

For your pain management, an orthopaedic surgeon will perform an X-ray.

An x-ray is the most accurate way to determine how minor or severe your injury is. Once the reports are upfront, your doctor can start the treatments for ankle pain accordingly. If you treat an injury incorrectly, it may worsen or take longer to heal.

  • Use a Brace For Support.

Giving your extra ankle support is the most excellent approach to avoid adding more strain, soreness, and pressure to it. Wearing a support brace or sports tape can help you achieve this. If you require more support, you might need crutches until you feel confident to walk without using them.

  • Elevation

Sometimes elevating your foot is all you need for foot pain treatment. Make sure your leg is propped up on a stool higher above your heart when sitting down. This prevents the blood and bodily fluids from coming in contact with the injury.

  • Pain Killers

Painkillers are given as treatments for ankle pain when there’s swelling at the injury. NSAIDs like ibuprofen will reduce the pain and swelling. Although your Manchester pain clinic would not suggest them for more than a few days

  • Physical Therapy

Physical therapy aims to strengthen and improve coordination in the muscles around the ankle. It should be initiated soon after an injury, but mobilisation exercises might help restore your feet so you can get back on track faster.

  • Massage

At times, the only thing you need is a massage for treating ankle pain. Regular massages improve the flow of blood, helping in managing pain better.

Ankle sprain heals on its own generally. But, at times, a severe sprain can break or tear the ligaments, requiring proper ankle pain treatments. Rarely surgeries are required, only a professional pain management orthopaedic surgeon can guide you better.

About Orthoremedy

After your doctor has determined that your ankle has been sprained, you should begin treating it as soon as possible. If you have any questions about managing a sprained ankle, seek clarification from a medical practitioner. If you believe something more serious is going on and require immediate medical attention, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available around the clock to provide support. Orthoremedy is a pain management clinic having professional treatments for ankle pain. Please schedule an appointment with our pain management orthopaedic doctor to have your injury checked so you can recuperate as quickly as possible.

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