Physical Therapy Benefit and How Can It Help?

Living a healthy life is nothing less than pure bliss. This realization hits even more strongly if a person is affected by an ailment. Although, as per World Health Organization (WHO), health is not merely an absence of disease. It is the state of complete physical, mental and social well being.

In the face of adversaries, such as musculoskeletal diseases or injuries, it could often be hard to optimize our physical health. From time to time, the importance of physical therapy has been stressed upon repeatedly for restoring physical function and mobility in patients.

Physiotherapy involves not just diagnosing and treating physical abnormalities but also minimizing further risk of health deterioration and maximizing the movement potential along with improving the quality of life.

These days, physiotherapists are available in all sorts of facilities ranging from hospitals, rehabs, nursing homes to sports and fitness centers. Hence, it is safe to say, physical therapy can benefit people with various disorders.

Here are Some Examples of Instances:


One of the most important uses of physical therapy is in rehabilitation of multiple conditions. In the treatment of fractures of extremities, physiotherapy is always recommended to patients so that they can regain their normal strength and range of movement. It also reduces the pain, paving the way towards swift and speedy recovery.

Similarly, after a stroke, it is not uncommon to lose some function of limbs. Patients also struggle with keeping their balance and maintaining posture. In such cases, physiotherapy can help build up the functional muscles, so that a person can perform tasks of daily living independently and adapt to their new circumstances. It also improves the coordination which helps in preventing falls too


Players are vulnerable to injuries throughout their career. Timely action and proper treatment is vital for them. Hereby, it is a huge responsibility for doctors and physiotherapists to correctly manage their injury effectively and ensure their safe return to sports.

Besides that, physiotherapy is employed in preventing sports injuries as well through exercises which specifically target the muscles, ligaments and tendons that are prone to injury. Additionally, it also improves their flexibility, strength and vascularity too.

Bone/Joint/MSK Diseases

Geriatric diseases such as osteoporosis can significantly impair the ability of a person to move without pain. Physiotherapy can be a good alternative for surgery or can be supplementary with surgery. At Orthoremedy the highly qualified individuals are focused on providing non-invasive treatments for common painful MSK diseases like arthritis, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, etc.

All the procedures are immensely convenient, requiring no long hospital stays. Another key factor is that there are close to none side effects, unlike surgeries which might result in complications and lengthy hospitalizations. Hence if a person is unfit for surgery/anesthesia, physiotherapy is a very plausible substitute.

Pediatric Diseases

Unfortunately some children are born with congenital disorders (for example, cerebral palsy) which can delay or stop them from attaining normal developmental milestones. Trained professionals of physiotherapy can help such children in successfully achieving motor skills to the best of their capabilities.

In this way, a child can learn better control of their body, contributing towards the desired outcome of independent living. Other than that, children can also use physiotherapy if they are healing from an injury and to prevent future injuries of an already weakened part of the body.

In all honesty, physical therapy has loads of merits. Over the years, it has gathered much praise and is now the first line treatment for a number of conditions. It is a much more gentle approach than surgical treatment. Apart from that, physical therapy is customized to serve a particular person’s needs.

Under guidance of experts and by following the exercises suggested, you can certainly see and feel the difference yourself. It is a collaborative effort and it is just about time to take a step towards healthy living.

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