10 Lifestyle Factors That Impact Your Pain

Pain is usually a sign pointing that something is wrong in your body. The first step in treating pain is determining the underlying cause and then proceeding accordingly. With time, more and more treatment strategies are being developed in the form of advanced drugs. However, the impact of lifestyle can not be undermined in the prevention and progression of diseases.

Making lifestyle changes is now the first-line treatment for various diseases, a common example being diabetes mellitus. Similarly, many habits can alter pain as well. With the ever-increasing prevalence of chronic pain, knowing the lifestyle changes which can influence pain may guide people towards a healthier life.


Getting adequate rest is a necessity for your body. Sleeping is that resting period in which all non-vital actions have been slowed down. Taking proper rest and enough sleep helps in healing too. Set up a sleeping routine following your body’s natural clock i.e. sleeping early and rising early. Around 7 hours of sleep, every night is recommended for adults.


Staying active and moving pushes away many harmful conditions. Exercising not only keeps your muscles in shape but also improves circulation. Furthermore, it can enhance your mood too by the release of serotonin. Physiotherapy has multiple benefits as well.

Depending upon your condition, a physiotherapist can guide you about the exercise which will suit you the most. In many cases, physiotherapy is the only treatment required. Hence exercise and physical therapy can be extremely beneficial in overcoming pain.


For a patient to recover completely and relieve joint pain, a healthy diet is a basic requirement. Supplementing your diet with fruits and vegetables while cutting down on processed, fatty, and sugary food can make a huge long-term impact on your overall health. Specific foods such as turmeric, garlic, etc are also known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Pain is a part of the inflammation process too. Thus, by making use of these, you might naturally minimize inflammation and pain gradually.

Mental Health

Mental well-being is as important as physical well-being, if not more. Patients with chronic pain are prone to suffer from depression. Taking care of mental health is a must since it directly affects how you perceive pain and then deal with it. A person must have the willpower to get better.

Weight Control

A sedentary lifestyle may result in increased body mass index. Obesity is associated with loads of diseases. Losing weight gives better outcomes in regard to chronic pain patients. It also reduces the risk of more complications such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, etc. Nevertheless, reduction in weight should be a gradual process done through appropriate methods only.


While alcohol may be okay for you in moderation, in excess it can cause deleterious effects on your health. Many people use it for relieving pain, although that is only a transient effect. On the contrary, frequent use can cause permanent damage to different organs of the body. It also interferes with the medications required for combating pain and as a result reducing their efficacy or producing undesired side effects.


While smoking may not directly affect your pain level, it is well recognized that smoking is strongly linked to various diseases. Consequently, it may aggravate the pain by worsening the disease. It can induce highly disastrous changes in multiple organ systems of the body, mainly the pulmonary and cardiovascular system. Meanwhile, it also decreases your stamina and mental alertness. Smoking is addictive as well and can be hard to quit. Presently there are a few resources available that can make the process of quitting a bit easier for you.


The increased amount of stress initiates the production of hormones in the body which can make inflammation and pain even more severe. Stress also causes your muscles to tense, this gives rise to body aches. Decreasing the amount of stress in life by mediation, yoga, breathing exercises can be advantageous. Different methods may work for different individuals. Indulging in creative hobbies might invoke feelings of joy and lessen your pain.


The importance of selecting the right treatment for you is often understated. When seeking treatment for pain, make sure to choose the right doctor, who can not only diagnose but also guide you about the most suitable plan while giving you all possible options. Orthocure specializes in eliminating pain from different causes, especially musculoskeletal pain.

They save you from the hassle of going through invasive procedures. All their treatments have minimal side effects. With more and more research, regenerative medicine is being applauded worldwide as a revolutionary and innovative approach. Orthocure is surely a step ahead of the current practices in the field of pain management. Once you have chosen a certain treatment/doctor, make sure to adhere to the advice and protocols recommended by your doctor.

Occupational Factors

Oftentimes employers do not take into consideration the health of their employees. Several factors such as long hours, maintaining wrong posture, exposure to toxins/allergens, noise, stressful environment, etc can put a mental and physical strain on you. It may not be possible to completely avoid these circumstances but taking necessary precautions may serve you well in coming times.


Lifestyle changes and treatment go hand in hand for pain management. It is evident that pain may deter you from living your life to the fullest, but with small changes and persistent effort, you can get back the semblance of your normal life.

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