The Surprising Science (and Non-Science) of Enduring Pain

Pain is the most common initial presenting complaint in the majority of diseases. At times, the underlying cause can be difficult to diagnose plus the root cause may not be curable in a few cases. Living your life with pain can directly impact not only your quality of life but also many of your life choices. This is why it is extremely essential to make sure you are coping up with your pain in the best way possible.

With much advancement, research and knowledge, pain can now be effectively managed through various different approaches. As pain itself is a very broad topic, so are its treatments. Ranging from simple measures such as analgesic medication to complex procedures like denervation of the part affected. Hence it is important to be mindful of the decisions and choices you make to optimize the outcomes for the future. A couple of factors are mentioned below which might help you in combating chronic pain.

Physical Factors

It is now proven with much evidence that physical therapy factors can have a huge role in the pathogenesis of many diseases. Making healthy choices is a preventive step for avoiding multiple diseases and can be therapeutic as well by slowing the progression or worsening of an existing condition. Thus, the more healthy your lifestyle is, the lesser the chances of acquiring diseases.

Similarly, adopting habits such as daily exercise can bring significant changes in the intensity of pain. Exercise is known to positively alter serotonin levels which in turn boosts your mood and gives you an overall sense of well-being. Physiotherapy can also produce marked improvements in the cases of musculoskeletal pain.

Apart from this, certain home remedies like the use of heat and cold therapy, massages, etc are gaining popularity among patients of chronic pain because of them being quick, effective, and easy.

Besides maintaining an active lifestyle, being cautious of your diet is equally vital too. Obesity can give rise to many disorders. Losing weight can indirectly benefit you in many ways. Cutting out foods rich in fats and sugars brings out positive changes in all systems of your body, particularly the cardiovascular system.

Lastly, there are several substances available in nature that have a number of advantages, for example, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, etc. Increasing their use may help you reduce pain and decrease your dependence on drugs. Conclusively, improving your overall health will ultimately diminish the severity of your pain while preparing your body to be ready for the future.

Social Support

Enduring pain can be an isolating experience. Sudden severe attacks can make you miss out on important days and events. With regard to this, asking for help from friends and family when your pain becomes intolerable might ease the situation for you. Spreading awareness about your condition will enable people close to you to empathize with you and lend a helping hand if you ever require one.

Secondly, you should always seek help if chores and taking care of yourself becomes difficult to manage. Pushing yourself to do it all during intolerable pain is never a good idea for your physical well-being. Last but not the least, your social circle can keep you motivated and moving on your road to recovery. These days, lots of support groups are available for different conditions.

Even doctors recommend joining a support group, as it makes you feel less alone. Meanwhile, they keep you informed on any new updates and experiences of people. Through this, you may find things that can work for you and also maintain good social relations with people who are battling a similar disease.

Emotional Aspect

Pain is not only a physical therapy, it can be a great burden on your mental health as well. According to studies, people suffering from chronic pain are more likely to develop mood disorders. Therefore, taking care of your mental health should be a priority too as it can hinder the healing process and also negatively affects pain.

Practicing mindfulness through meditation and yoga is a tried and tested way that is recommended by many people. Partaking in activities or hobbies can distract you and take your mind off from the pain while simultaneously relaxing you too.


All in all, the right treatment plan with the correct mindset and lifestyle can ease your journey of dealing with pain. The importance of choosing the most suitable treatment plan for you is of utmost value and so is compliance with the chosen plan. In some instances, the side effects can make people abandon their treatment.

However, with newer approaches, such as regenerative medicine, practiced by Orthocure, the chances of any serious adverse effects are close to none. They aim to provide the best care for pain management and are an alternative to surgery. Through their non-invasive procedures and almost no prerequisites like anesthesia, they are making the life of many patients better and easier.

Due to the diversity in the causes of pain and consequently the treatment, it is necessary to find the best strategy out there for you personally and practically so that you have the maximum chances of living a pain-free life.

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