10 Reasons Why Physical Therapy is Beneficial

With time, many changes are being seen in the field of medicine. To optimize the outcomes for patients, non-invasive procedures are now preferred worldwide. Similarly, in orthopedics, physical therapy is now being considered as a first-line approach for many musculoskeletal diseases.

Apart from that, it is mostly a supplementary requisite too if any other treatment plan is followed. Even in perfectly healthy individuals, physiotherapy can prove to be highly advantageous.

Some of the Benefits Have Been Discussed Below

  • Pain Relief

    Pain can complicate many diseases. As physical therapy is customized as per a person’s needs and goals, it can effectively deal with pain caused by various diseases. Therapeutic exercises are aimed at restoring muscle function and hence decreasing the pain on movement.

    Continuing physiotherapy according to the doctor’s advice can also prevent the recurrence of pain. The use of stem cell therapies for pain relief is a comparatively recent approach currently being used by Orthoremedy clinics.
  • Avoid Surgery

    As mentioned, surgical procedures are now deferred unless they are necessary and there is no alternative. This is because surgery is associated with many complications particularly infections.

    About this, the Orthocure clinic is determined to use non-invasive procedures whenever possible and it is beneficial for physical therapy. In this way, the risk of harmful side effects is greatly minimized. Physiotherapy is always included in their management plans.
  • Increase Mobility

    Through physiotherapy, people can return to their previous level of functioning. The exercises can be different for each person, depending upon the degree of impairment. It keeps a person active and the muscles are regularly used. This aids in restoring and enhancing muscle function. If needed, assistive tools, such as crutches, may be used.
  • Overcome Neurological Deficits

    If a person suffers a stroke, their motor system can be affected. Likewise, diseases such as Parkinson’s can result in an unstable gait. Physical therapy can help a person adapt to his new circumstances and level of functioning, whilst reinstituting the motor function as much as possible. It also improves balance and coordination in a patient, therefore, limiting future accidents.
  • In Athletes

    A sportsperson is very much exposed and prone to acquire a musculoskeletal injury. This can have a significant impact on their career. Physiotherapy here can not only prevent such injuries by strengthening the commonly involved muscles and tendons but also cure them by rebuilding the damaged structures. Consequently, physiotherapy has a major role in the longevity of an athlete’s career.
  • Managing Geriatric Diseases

    With increasing age, the likelihood of certain diseases also increases. Some examples are osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, etc. To tackle the problems linked with these disorders, a physiotherapist can suggest particular exercises. Since physiotherapy is a collaborative treatment.

    It prepares a person, making him more alert and aware about their disease and motivating them to actively participate in their recovery. As a result, complications like fractures are decreased in frequency.
  • Prevents Falls

    The vestibular system is mainly responsible for keeping your sense of balance intact. If your vestibular system is not functioning correctly, physiotherapists can perform specific maneuvers for rectifying the issue. Besides, they also evaluate your risk for falls. If you are in the high-risk category, the use of devices such as canes and walkers further lessen
  • Improve Heart and Lungs Functions

    Patients with cardiovascular diseases can vastly benefit from physiotherapy. According to the endurance of each patient, the duration and intensity of exercise are selected. Under constant supervision, these parameters are gradually increased and the patient eventually regains their previous stamina and strength. For pulmonary dysfunction, breathing exercise can help in improving breathing and clearing the fluid.
  • Managing Disabilities

    In people with disabilities, the primary goal is to make the person independent in tasks of daily living and raise their quality of life to the maximum. A physiotherapist assesses the problems encountered and then works to formulate a plan to overcome these through exercises, assistive devices, or lifestyle changes.
  • Rehabilitation After MSK Diseases/Injuries

    Fractures are a very common cause of immobility. With the use of physiotherapy in rehab, the period of immobilization is reduced and the outcomes are much better.

    Muscular pain as in frozen shoulder or back pain in some instances can be successfully treated with physical therapy too. Orthoremedy is one of the leading facilities offering revolutionary treatments for these conditions among many others.

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