5 Muscle Spasm Treatments to Try!

The human body can be described as one highly meticulous machine. The coordination between all the organ systems is truly remarkable even though each system is designed to serve a unique purpose. The musculoskeletal system is mainly responsible for locomotion. However, even a minor issue of the muscles can affect a person by having a direct impact on the quality of life.

A common example of such an instance is muscle spasms. A muscle spasm is an involuntary and abnormal contraction of a muscle and its failure to relax. Usually temporary and mildly painful, they can be a source of inconvenience in daily life.

Here are Some Remedies to Counter Muscular Cramps:


It may sound unlikely but exercise is greatly beneficial for spasms. Through exercise, the muscles of the involved area are stretched which reduces the tension in the muscle and stops the spasm. Sometimes, the pain makes people reluctant to give it a try.

In such a case, a little help from experts can make a huge difference. Physiotherapists can specifically guide you in selecting exercises advantageous for you and the correct way to do it. Orthocure Clinic also specializes in pain management. They are determined to provide relief from pain through conservative treatments with minimal side effects.

They are revolutionizing the field of pain management by using regenerative medicine (stem cell therapies). Each case is individually assessed comprehensively and the most suitable approach is selected. All their treatment plans are followed up with physiotherapy to strengthen the muscles. Hence, it is quite efficacious with many encouraging results and testimonials from previous patients.


Applying firm pressure, in a circular motion, on the aching muscle can aid in relieving tension from it. As this helps the muscle relaxes, the spasm ends. Heat and cold therapy are also very effective in reducing joint pain. After massaging, a heating pad or ice can provide a soothing effect to the sore muscle. Both of them are known to minimize inflammation as well. You can use these alternatively too. Make sure the time duration does not exceed above 20 minutes.


It is extremely important to keep yourself well-hydrated to avoid future cramps. Water and electrolyte balance is vital for the healthy functioning of your muscles. Hence it is of utmost importance to drink plenty of water especially during intensive exercises/workout sessions or hot weather. Electrolyte disturbances can also be implicated in causing muscle spasms. Concerning this, certain electrolyte drinks can be of some merit here.


Switching to a healthy balanced diet can do wonders for your body. A diet including a considerable portion of vegetables and fruits can significantly lower the frequency of cramps. Cutting out alcohol and caffeine is also useful. Substances like chamomile, capsaicin, etc, are recognized as natural relaxants. These can be used in a variety of ways to ease pain, albeit not instantly and as effectively. Incorporating vitamin (B12 complex) supplements might be beneficial too.

Adaptations in Lifestyle

Stress is one of the most common spasm-inducing factors. Muscular spasms are more likely to occur when you are anxious or nervous. Exhaustion and lack of sleep can also overwork your muscles and result in cramps. Similarly, people who are more active in

life are relatively less prone to experience muscular spasms. Topical creams and balms may come in handy when other measures do not seem possible (for example, at work)

Despite being benign and short-lived, it is essential to consult a doctor if your muscle spasms occur after short intervals or with increased duration and severity and if the pain becomes intolerable. In some cases, they can indicate an underlying disease. Besides that, you can mostly manage muscular spasms at home easily just by taking a few steps. With some slight changes, as mentioned, you can stop muscle spasms from interfering in your life.

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